At Sory @ Law we welcome lawyers who are ready to put in the hours and dedication required and have the quick thinking legal mind necessary to provide the excellent legal service our clients are at all times assured of.

As a result of Thaddeus Sory’s expertise he is also often asked to provide pupillage training to newly enrolled lawyers, while lawyers who have been out of practice for extended periods also request that they work with him to reacquire legal skills.

At the moment, Thaddeus is training four pupils. These new lawyers were called to the Ghana Bar on the 4th day of October 2013 and will become fully qualified lawyers after undergoing six months of training. Although by law such new lawyers cannot solely represent a client, under Thaddeus’s supervision they work together with the partners and associates at Sory @ Law in research, due diligence and the provision of other legal services to clients.

Two lawyers who worked for years as legal officers in specific industries (one in a mining firm, the other with an oil marketting company) have also decided to return to full time practice of the law by working with Thaddeus. This creates a win-win situation where they bring specialised knowledge to bear in corporate trial cases.